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Ken Dodd

Ken Dodd, born November 8, 1929, Liverpool, is a veteran British comedian and singer, famous for his buck teeth, frizzy hair, feather duster (or "tickling stick"), and his catchphrase, "How tickled I am!" He works largely in the music hall tradition, although he has appeared in several dramatic plays.

Dodd intersperses his comedy act with music, and sings with a baritone voice. He has had many recording hits. His song Tears is still one of the biggest selling singles of all time in the United Kingdom.

His stamina is legendary. His solo stage shows can still run for more than three hours. He claims that on one occasion the caretaker of the theatre handed him the keys on stage and told him to lock up when he was finished. He always ends his act with a soulful rendition of the song "Happiness".

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