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Keelung (基隆 Pinyin: Jīlóng, Wade-Giles: Chi-lung) is a county-level city of Taiwan Province, Republic of China. Located in the northeastern of the island and bordering Taipei County, it is Taiwan's second largest seaport (after Kaohsiung). Keelung is nicknamed "The Rainy Port" (雨港).

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Keelung was first inhabited by the Ketagalan, a tribe of Taiwanese aborigine.

"Keelung" used to be written in the homophonous characters meaning "Rooster Cage" (雞籠), named after a local mountain of such a shape. Another theory suggests that the characters were transcription of a Ketagalan placename. The characters were changed in 1875 (Qing Dynasty) to mean "The Base that Prospers".

In 1863, the Qing Empire opened up Keelung as a trading port. A systematic city development started in 1895 during the Japanese Occupation. Coal mining peaked in 1968.


Keelung administers seven districts:
(Tongyong Pinyin, followed by Hanyu Pinyin in parentheses, if different)


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Not to be confused with the Australian Geelong, which is not a sister city of Keelung. Keelung's Australian sister city is Marrickville.