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In Polynesian mythology, Kāne could refer to Kane Milohai, father of Pele, or Tane, the god of forests and light. See either Kane Milohai or Tane for more details.

The surname Kane is of Irish Extraction and is the anglicized form of O'Cahan.

Kane, played by Glenn Jacobs (born April 26, 1967 in Madrid, Spain, but raised near Nashville, Tennessee) is a professional wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment on the RAW brand. Jacobs potrayed several characters throughout his career since his debut in 1992. This included a few runs in the then-WWF as Dr. Issac Yankem, D.D.S. and the Fake Diesel. In 1997, he was repackaged as Kane, a masked character he is now best known for.

The Kane character is the storyline brother of The Undertaker, which he fueded with off and on for several years. Kane won the WWF World Heavyweight Title in 1998 which was the highlight of his career so far. In 2003, he unmasked.

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