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Jose Miguel Gonzalez Martin

José Miguel González Martín del Campo, also known as Míchel, Spanish football midfielder was born in Madrid on March 23 1963. He was most noted for his play on the right wing and for his crossing ability from there.

At the age of thirteen, he became a member of the Real Madrid youth team. His technique and physicality on the pitch stood out, and he moved quickly through the ranks to the first team. It was here that he played with Butragueño, Pardeza, Martín Vazquez and Sanchís, the legendary Quinta del Buitre.

By 1984 he was playing in the team coached by Amancio. That same year, he débuted for the Spanish national side. In 1989 he announced that he would leave Real Madrid and that he had been signed by an Italian side. This never came to pass and he ended up staying until 1996.

His career was not without incident. In 1998 he was hit by a bottle while on the pitch. A little later he was sanctioned by UEFA for using an unorthodox method of disrupting the concentration of Valderrama in a game against Valladolid. The presiding Judge in the case noted that "manipulating in public that of your neighbour which is a gift given exclusively to males by nature" violated a Federation rule protecting a player's dignity.

During the 94-95 season, he suffered an injury that meant he would only be able to play thirteen games. Instead of playing for the national side, he went to the World Cup as a commentator for television. Later, when Real Madrid was coached by Valdano he played little, but when he did he was noted for the effort he put in on the pitch.

He left Real Madrid on the arrival of the President Lorenzo Sanz and signed for Atlético Celaya in Mexico, where Butragueño was also playing. He retired from football in 1997.

He now works as a sports commentator.