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José Antonio Primo de Rivera

José Antonio Primo de Rivera was born in Madrid, Spain in 1903. He became a lawyer, and was an editor for the right-wing journal El Fascio and the periodical ABC.

He founded Falange Española (Spanish Falange) in 1933, which wanted to make Spain a fascist state. In the general election in 1936, Falange won only 0.7 % of the votes, but Falange growed rapidly and by July it had more than 40,000 members.

Primo de Rivera was a supporter of the military rebellion in July 1936 against the republican government and during the Spanish Civil War, the Falange became the dominant political movement of the Nationalists.

He was captured on the 6th of July 1936, and held in captivity until being executed in Alicante on 20th November 1936.