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John of Denmark

Reign in Denmark1481-July 22, 1513
Reign in Norway1483-July 22, 1513
Regency until 1506.
Reign in Sweden1497-1501
Coronationn/a in Denmark
n/a in Norway
November 26, 1497 in Sweden
QueenChistina of Saxony
PredecessorsChristian I in Denmark and Norway
Sten Sture the Elder in Sweden
SuccessorsChristian II in Denmark and Norway
Sten Sture the Elder in Sweden
Date of BirthFebruary 2, 1455
Place of BirthAalborg Castle, Aalborg
Date of DeathFebruary 20, 1513
Place of DeathAalborg Castle, Aalborg
Place of BurialOdense, Denmark

John, Johann, Johan II, or colloquially "Hans", Danish monarch and union king of Denmark (1481-1513), Norway (1483-1513) and Sweden (1497-1501), under the Kalmar Union. He was born on February 2, 1455 as the son of Christian I and Dorotea av Hohenzollern-Brandenburg, daugther of Margrave Hans of Brandenburg. In 1478 he married Chistina of Saxony, grand daughter of Frederick the Gentle of Saxony. This produced the following offspring, Christian II of Denmark, Franciscus, Knud, and Elisabeth, who later married as princess of Brandenburg. He died on February 20, 1513.

According to the Privilege of Ripen the Noble Diets of the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein were to elect a duke among the sons of the previous duke. After the death of Christian I, John does however successfully argue for electing both sons to co-dukes (in 1482), when it looked as his 10 years old brother Frederick was going to be elected. Although it was initially agreed they should govern the duchies jointly, at the majority of Frederick (in 1490) the duchies are never the less divided.

Preceded by:
Christian I
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Succeeded by:
Christian II
Preceded by:
Sten Sture the Elder
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Sten Sture the Elder