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Johannesburg International Airport

Johannesburg International Airport located in Johannesburg, South Africa is one of the largest airports in the southern area of the African continent. It was renamed from "Jan Smuts International Airport" in the late 1990s.

Its IATA Airport Code is JNB. Its ICAO Airport Code is FAJS.

The airport is the hub of South Africa's largest international and domestic airline, South African Airways, and a number of smaller local airlines.

During the 1980s many countries stopped trading with South Africa because of their government's Apartheid political ideas, and so many airlines from places worldwide either had to stop flying to the airport or were not allowed to.

Johannesburg International also serves as grounds for the South African Airways Museum, a room filled with South African Airways memorabilia and which started as an idea by two fans of the airline until they could set it up in one of Jan Smuts International's buildings in 1987.

Airlines flying to Johannesburg International Include:

In addition, Cargo flights are flown there by DAS Air Cargo, Fast Air and Singapore Airlines Cargo.

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