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Joensuu is a city in eastern Finland.


Joensuu is a vivid student city with over 6000 students in The University of Joensuu and 3500 in North Karelia Polytechnic.

Largest employers are The City of Joensuu, North Karelian Hospital District Federation of Municipalities, Abloy and Perlos


The city of Joensuu, which was founded by the Czar {Nicholas I} of {Russia} in 1848, is the center of the region and the capital of North Karelia. During the last century Joensuu was a city of manufactur and commerce. When in 1860 the city received special rights to commerce and the restrictions against industry were removed , local sawmills started to grow and prosper. Water traffic was improved by the building of the Saimaa Canal. Thus, lively commerce between the regions of North Karelia St.Petersburg and Middle Europe was made possible. At the end of the last century Joensuu was one of the largest harbour cities in Finland.

Throughout the centuries Karelian traders have travelled along the Pielisjoki River. The river has always been the lively heart of the city. Canals, which were completed at the end of 1870, increased the river traffic. Thousands of steamboats, barges and logging boats sailed along the river during this golden age of river traffic. The Pielisjoki River has also been an important log-raft route, providing wood for the sawmills and for the whole lumber industry.

During the last few decades, the small agrarian town has developed into a vital center of the province. Success in regional annexations, the establishment of the province of Karelia and investments in education have been the most decisive actions in this development. The University of Joensuu has in twenty-five years grown to have five faculties. The University of Joensuu is one of the secrets for the vitality of the city and of all North Karelia. Diversified international cooperation in science, industry and commerce benefits the whole region.

The nearness of the eastern border has been an important factor in the history of the city. The Republic of Karelia is once again a significant area for cooperation with nearby regions in Russia. Export companies in Joensuu continue traditions in foreign trade of the last century. The city itself gives many possibilities for different kinds of activities. High-quality cultural events and clean nature increase the attractiveness of the city.