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Jim Jarmusch

Jim Jarmusch (born January 22, 1953) is a noted film director. Following years of near-success in the American independent film community, he has achieved a level of notoriety with his far-East philosophy-themed Western movie set in New Jersey, Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai, starring Forest Whitaker, which also featured a soundtrack by the Wu-Tang Clan's Rza.

One of his major projects is an ongoing series of short films called Coffee and Cigarettes. The original six-minute film appeared in 1986, featuring filmmaker Roberto Benigni and comedian Steven Wright. Three years later, he released Coffee and Cigarettes - Memphis Version, with actor Steve Buscemi, which was eight minutes long. The most recent 12-minute installment was in 1993, Coffee and Cigarettes - Somewhere in California, featuring musicians Tom Waits and Iggy Pop.

In 1993, Jarmusch said, "Iíve shot two more which are waiting to be edited, and Iíve scripted two or three more. Although the intention is for them to work separately as short films, I plan to shoot around 12 to 14 and put them together for a video release." [1] However, nothing has been released since then. There has been much speculation among Jarmusch's fans as to whether or not the short films will continue to grow in length, and what possible length installment number 14 could be. There are reports that he is in the process of filming again, this time with Jack and Meg of The White Stripes [1]. It has also been rumored that other vignettes from the project may include Steve Coogan and Alfred Molina. [1]

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