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Jim Duffy

Jim Duffy (born 12 April 1966) is the former post-graduate student at University College Dublin whose 'on-the-record' interview with then Tánaiste Brian Lenihan in 1990, in which Lenihan talked about pressures placed by him and other senior Fianna Fáil figures on President Hillery in January 1982 to refuse a dissolution to then taoiseach, Garret FitzGerald, led to Lenihan's dismissal in October 1990 from Charles Haughey's government and the election of Mary Robinson as President of Ireland.

In 1993 Duffy was one of six people commissioned by Australia's Republic Advisory Committee to prepare reports on international republican experiences, to appear as an appendix to the committee's main report. His report, along with those of five others, was submitted as part of that larger report to the then Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating. The Irish appendix suggested an ambiguous Irish experience of republican practice.

Duffy is currently a freelance journalist and author.