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Jelly baby

Jelly babies are a type of confectionery that look like little babies in a variety of colours. They are very popular in the UK, made by many companies most predominantly Trebor Bassett (famous for their Liquorice Allsorts) and also by Rowntree (Nestlé).

Jelly Babies were launched by Bassetts in 1918 as "Peace Babies" to mark the end of World War I. Production was suspended during World War II due to wartime shortages. In 1953 the product was relaunched as "Jelly Babies". In March 1989 Bassetts were taken over by Cadbury Schweppes who had earlier acquired the Trebor brand.

Like many sweets, they contain gelatin and are thus not suitable for vegetarians.

A school experiment is to put them in a strong oxidising agent. They explode, see screaming jelly babies.

The Jelly Babies were a DIY/post punk band that were a part of the Cassette Culture scene during the early 1980s.