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Jean-Pierre Léaud

Jean-Pierre Leaud, born May 5, 1944 in Paris, France, is a French actor.

He made his debut as an actor when he was 15 as Antoine Doinel, an alter-ego for French director Francois Truffaut, in The 400 blows. Leaud starred in four more Truffaut films depicting the life of Doinel, spanning a period of 20 years - beside actress Claude Jade as his girl-friend and then wife Christine. Those films are: Love at Twenty (1962), Stolen Kisses (1968), Bed and Board (1970) and Love on the Run (1979).

Leaud also acted in films by other influential directors, such as Jean-Luc Godard, Bernardo Bertolucci and more recently Olivier Assayas.

Filmography as actor