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Jawa Timur

Jawa Timur (East Java) is one of the Indonesia's 28 provinces located on the eastern part of Java island. It also includes Madura island & Bawean island. The administrative center of the province is located in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia.

Major cities:

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People of Jawa Timur includes: Javanese, Madura, and some minorities, such as Chinese, Indians, and Arabs. They speak hybrid Indonesian language, which has several influences from Java language.

Major religion is Islam. Gresik itself is known for its Islamic influence.

Natural Resources


Jawa Timur hosts some famous universities in Indonesia, such as: Airlangga University, Brawijaya University, and Surabaya Institute of Technology. There are also several private universities, including STTS (Technical College of Surabaya), Petra Christian University, and many more.

One of major newspaper company in Indonesia, Jawa Pos Group, is based in Jawa Timur.


Jawa Timur has history account dated back to centuries ago, with its famous kingdom of Singosari which is now a city, and it is located near Malang. Majapahit kingdom also had originated from Jawa Timur.

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