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James P. Hogan

James P. Hogan (born June 27, 1941) is a science fiction author

Hogan's style of science fiction is often compared to Arthur C. Clarke's for its research in science. His philosophical views on how "science" should be done comes through in most of his novels; theories should be formulated based on empirical research, not the other way around. If a theory doesn't match the facts, he postulates that theory should be discarded, not the facts.

This is very evident in "Giants" series, where the "50,000 year old whodunnit" is explored, and as facts are discovered, theories on how the astronaut's body arrived on the moon 50,000 years ago are elaborated, discarded and replaced.

In recent years, however, Hogan's preferred theories have tended towards those widely considered "fringe" or pseudoscientific. He is a serious proponent of Immanuel Velikovsky's version of catastrophism, of Intelligent Design over Darwinism, and of the theory that AIDS is caused by pharmaceutical use rather than HIV (see AIDS reappraisal).

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