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Israeli Labour Party

The Israeli Labour Party ('Haavoda') in an Israeli political party. It holds moderate left agenda and is a Zionist party. It is an observer member of the Party of European Socialists.

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3 Current Status
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Names and aliases

Those are the name which the Israeli Labour party has used

The current name is "HaAvoda".


The Israeli Labour Party (ILP) was founded as the Israeli faction of the Zionist socialist Russian Party "Poaley Zion". In the early 1920s it founded the Histadrut (General Hebrew Workers' Union) which dominated the Hebrew settlement economy and infrastructure, thus making the ILP the dominant political faction in the Zionist politics. It is also responsible for the founding of Hashomer and Haganah, the first two armed Jewish group who secured the people and property of the Hebrew settlements against bandits and terrorists.

By the early 1930s, the workers' leader David Ben-Gurion rose to power and led the ILP for almost two decades before he retired to Sde Boker in order to flourish the Negev desert. Under Ben-Gurion's leadership the ILP became the leading party in the Hebrew parlaiment and Ben-Gurion led the Hebrew settlement in its struggle for independence. Ben-Gurion declared on Israel's independence and was elected to be its first prime minister.

Until 1977, all the prime ministers were from the ILP. The greatest opposition to the ILP was Menachem Begin's Herut (today Likud) - the right wing liberal party.

Other prominent former members include

Current Status

It is currently led by Shimon Peres, and has has 19 seats in the 16th Knesset.

The party used to dominate Israeli politics, but is now in opposition, alternating with Likud as a coalition leader.

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