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Irish general election, 1989

The results of the election were as follows:

Party Leader Seats Loss/Gain Dáil Seats (%)
Fianna Fáil Charles Haughey 77 - 4 46.4
Fine Gael Alan Dukes 55 + 4 33.1
Labour Dick Spring 15 + 3 9.0
Progressive Democrats Des O'Malley 6 - 8 3.6
Others - 13 - 9 7.8

Charles Haughey, in an attempt to achieve an overall majority calls a snap general election. Instead of gaining Fianna Fáil loses seats. He is forced to abandon a 'core principle' of the party when he enters into a coalition government with the Progressive Democrats. Desmond O'Malley becomes Minister for Industry and Commerce as part of the coaltion deal. Alan Dukes contests his only general election as leader of Fine Gael.

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