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IRIS is a Romanian hard rock band. It was established in 1976 by Ion Dumitrescu (drums), Olteanu (lead solo guitar and vocals) and Emil Lechinţeanu (bass guitar). They achieved a huge success, followed by tours throughout Romania and recordings for radio broadcast.

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1 After the revolution
2 The albums
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After the revolution

The democratic regime installed after 1989 offered the group a chance they couldn't have in the communist regime. They started appearing on TV and having tours in Italy. They celebrated the 15th anniversary at the international rock festival in 1991 and 1992 beside Gillian and Uriah Heep.

The present members are:

  1. Ion Dumitrescu (drums)
  2. Cristi Minculescu (vocalist)
  3. Valter Popa (led solo guitar and acustic guitar)
  4. Doru Borobeică, or Boro (bass guitar)

The albums

External link

IRIS Online

IRIS fan site