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Interstate 24

Interstate 24 is an interstate highway in the eastern United States. It runs (diagonally) from Pulleys Mill, Illinois at Interstate 57 to Chattanooga, Tennessee at Interstate 75.

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2 Major Cities Along the Route
3 Intersections with other Interstates
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5 Monteagle

Number of Miles


Major Cities Along the Route

Intersections with other Interstates



One of the most notoriously hazardous stretches of Interstate highway in the United States is approximately 40 miles west of Chattanooga on I-24 in Monteagle, Tennessee, where the highway goes over a mountain. Compared to grades elsewhere, Monteagle's 4-6 percent grade doesn't sound like much, but the slope is protracted over a distance of several miles. While all motorists need to exercise caution, truckers are particularly vexed by Monteagle, and many have died going through this area. This fact inspired Johnny Cash to write a song about Monteagle Mountain.