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Internet-Encyclopedia (abbreviated I-E) is a fork of Wikipedia initiated by Fred Bauder in July 2003. It uses the MediaWiki software. It is written in American English and makes no attempt to be multilingual, although existing links to Wikipedia articles in other languages are retained in the case of articles copied from Wikipedia. I-E describes itself as an American project and particularly welcomes articles interesting to Americans (source: I-E main page, October 5 2003).

I-E's policy about point of view is different from Wikipedia: rather than adopting a neutral point of view the set of articles about a particular topic are split into a number of articles with a specified point of view--thus it tries to have several points of view on each topic. The main article is written from a sympathetic point of view. See also: Internet-Encyclopedia:Point_of_view.

In late December, 2003, I-E had around 5,000 articles.

Internet-Encyclopedia is hosted by, see ibiblio which as a host is stable, reasonably responsive, and offers sufficient storage space for expansion of I-E to a comprehensive encyclopedia. I-E is also up at least temporarily at with different content.

In January, 2004, Internet-Encyclopedia has been renamed to Wikinfo.

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