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ibiblio (formerly SunSITE and MetaLab) is a digital library and archive project run jointly by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Center for the Public Domain. It is a "collection of collections", and hosts a diverse range of publicly available information and open source software. It also offers streaming audio radio stations. Unless otherwise specified, all material on ibiblio is assumed to be in the public domain.


What is now ibiblio was founded in
1992 by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill as SunSITE. SunSITE was to be an archive and an information sharing project for the public, and was funded by grants from Sun Microsystems, and thus the name. The relationship with Sun came to an end (an amicable one, according to the ibiblio FAQ[1]), and the name was changed to MetaLab.

In September 2000, MetaLab began to collaborate with the Center for the Public Domain; the name was changed to ibiblio to reflect the goal of being "the public's library and digital archive".

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