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Institute Le Rosey

Institute Le Rosey - Private Swiss School, established in 1880

Institute Le Rosey is the oldest private school in Switzerland and one of the most exclusive private education institutions in the world. It offers studies in either French or English to the students (ages 7 through 18) who come from some of the world's wealthiest families in dozens of different countries. Attendees of this school generally guard their privacy.

Le Rosey is believed to be the only school in the world to run two campuses. In spring and autumn, classes are held in the facilities near the village of Rolle in the Vaud canton, located between Lausanne and Geneva. For the winter term, the entire student body moves to Gstaad in the Bern canton, home to the world's most elite ski resort and where skiing is part of the school's curriculum.

Invaluable to the students is a very high-quality education with an International Baccalaureate. However, as adults, having a worldwide network of former classmates at the highest levels of industry or government, can be priceless.

Some of Le Rosey's students, whose attendance is a matter of public record, are: