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Industrial Light and Magic

Industrial Light and Magic is a motion picture special effects company. When George Lucas filmed Star Wars he wanted to create visual effects that had never been seen on film before. He aproached Doug Trumbull, famous for 2001: A Space Odyssey. He declined, but suggested his assistant John Dykstra. John Dykstra brought together a small team of college students, artists and engineers who became the Special Visual Effects department on Star Wars. When making The Empire Strikes Back George Lucas reformed most of the team into Industrial Light and Magic. They have since gone on to produce a special effect for large number of films including some of the most famous effects sequences in film. They are responsible for Ghostbusters' Slimer, Jurassic Park's dinosaurs and the other Star Wars films.

By 2002 ILM had received 14 Best Visual Effects Oscars and 16 additional nominations. It had also received 21 technical Oscars.