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Imperial Stormtrooper

Imperial Stormtroopers
Class:Foot Soldier
Type:Shock Troops
Affiliation:Galactic Empire
Standard weapon:E-11 Rifle
Imperial Stormtroopers are highly trained shock troops in the fictional Star Wars universe. Stormtroopers are used are strike units against whomever the Galactic Empire feels may threathen their order, security or integrity. They are very highly disciplined, and answer only to those of the Emperor. They do not fear death, and will carry out any order given without hesitation or concern for their own security whatsoever. They are the kamikaze soldiers of the Galactic Empire. Stormtroopers are truly independent of the Imperial Navy or the Imperial Army chains of command, as they have their own command structure, ranking system and support facilities. However, if such a situation occurs, a Company Commander can give command to any regular officer over any given squad or platoon. Stormtroopers, as depicted in the Star Wars films, are notoriously poor marksmen.

Their organization manners are similar to those of the Imperial Army. In the Stormtroops, the primary or basic element is the squad. A squad is the smallest element, and a stormtrooper rarely travels alone. Their duty, other than serve the Empire, is to police the places assigned to them by the Empire. These places can be very populated, or very remote. Either way, they will perform their duty 100%. It is thought that the total combination of the stormtroopers are greater than those of the entire military empire. The Stormtroopers are rarely or not at all identified by their name. Instead, each one is assigned its own number.

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4 Specialized Stormtroopers


In non-combat situations, a stormtrooper officer wears a dark uniform, insignia, and a cap. All stormtrooper officers are also stormtroopers, and wears the characteristic white armor along with everyone else. At the Imperial Academy at Carida, they learn an old game called Quadrant, which is a tactical visualization game and troopers on duty are allowed to play this game (they usually do) to pass off time when not endangered or in a tense situation. After months at Carida, a Stormtrooper cadet is paired with a veteran trooper for quicker learing in action.


Their most distinctive equipment is the white battle armour they wear. The complete set completely encases the body and typically has no individually distinguishing marking outside of rank. In fact, to a casual observer seeing them for the first time, they have been sometimes mistaken as a form of battle droid.

The very reinforced helmet contains Advanced Breathing Filters (which acts as protection against chemical and biological attacks, as well as toxins), Comlink for instant communication with other units, which also has options to change the [frequency]. The comlink uses linked encoding sequences to change frequencies every few seconds while keeping all troopers in the unit synchronized. If a trooper's helmet is removed without the trooper first hitting the comlink's control stud, the frequency coding routine is automatically deleted from that helmet.

The automatic polarizing lenses protect the trooper against intense glare and provide them with enhanced combat vision or "Holographic Vision Processors" (which allows vision through many barriers such as smoke, darkness and fire). Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System (MFTAS) helps with the stormtroopers' perception in darkness as well as smoke and other visibility obscuring conditions.

It also assists in aiming at moving targets. The Comtech Series IV helmet speaker uses three-phase sonic filtering for clear sound (For troopers, it is connected to the audio pickup). Also it has a vocoder for talking to non-Stormtroopers.The backplate contains an emergency 20 minutes of oxygen if the trooper is should be so unlucky to be exposed to vacuum or if he is trapped underwater. It also contains a power pack. The stomach armour contains Manual Suit Seal and environmental controls. The thigh armour has a reinforced alloy plate ridge and the lower right side, near the knee contains the suits system power cells The left upper side of the shin armour has a sniper position knee protector plate. The utility belt has two Blast Energy Sinks to protect the trooper's hips. The stormtroopers boots are not armoured, but they are gripped. The armour is equipped with IFF circuitry for identification and command purposes for identifying each other.

It also protects the troopers from very harsh environments as well as projectiles and impact weapons. The armour might be penetrated by a direct blaster bolt, but it will reduce damage from the bolts absorbed significantly. The body glove allows for operation in warm or cold climates, however it can protect the trooper from almost any environment -- from total vacuum conditions to the very extremes in cold and heat for a very limited period of time.


The E-11 can be found almost anywhere. It is the standard issue weapon of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps and one of the most common issued rifles in the Galactic Empire. They are also in high demand (although heavily regulated) for civilian and corporate sales, along with a brisk trade in them on the underground market.

It has proven to be a highly versatile design, spawning a wide number of variations. To make up for the high demand for these weapons, BlasTech has authorized SoroSuub and Merr-Sonn to manufacture them under licence. These three manufacturers are found mixed indiscriminately across the Galactic Empire in Imperial stocks. In addition to these, several specialized designs have been spawned.

The basic E-11 is 43.8cm long (folded), and weighs 2.6 kilograms. The powercell housing opens on the left side of the action housing, above the trigger, giving the E11 a very low profile (useful when shooting prone or from a barracade), with a standerd powercell providing 100 shots. The blaster gas chamber contains sufficent supplies for thirty powercells. All moving and/or metal parts are fitted with a corrosion-proof, vaccume-rated, dry lubricant. The top of the reciever has a universal, quick detach sight rail, which comes from the factory mounted with a light, ring recticle, 2x optical scope. The basic, three piece folding stock rides along the left side, under the powercell. When ordering from the factory, one may specify that they wish a fixed stock or a one-piece, right-folding stock at no extra cost.

Some special features include a wrist comlink, a tiny battle Holocam built into the helmet, a Proper Resonator (To open secure doors) built into their armour, or an external helmet light. They can also have a Glow Rod attached to their blaster rifle, or using a Glow Rod Staff to provide the extra light. Power Gloves helps in hand to hand combat.

Specialized Stormtroopers

There are also many kinds of specialized stormtroopers that allow them to perform their duty where hazards are normal, or for those jobs that the original could not fill in. Such included the Snowtrooper, or Blizzard Force troopers. These storm through icy corridors and and are protected against the chilly surface of such places as the ice planet Hoth. They have standard blasters. There are also heavy teams with light-repeaters mounted on tripods. They have a ghost-like mask instead of the standard helmet.

Then you have the Blackhole troopers which were assigned to the Imperial Intellingence agent Blackhole. They featured black stygian-polymer coated armor to "baffle" sensor readings. Other types include aquatic troopers, scout-troopers, the desert troopers of Mos Eisley, radiation troopers (radtroopers), airtroopers and spacetroopers. And magma troopers.

The appearence of the clone troopers in Attack of the Clones and their simularitys to storm troopers raise the possiblity that many stormtroopers are also cloned. This idea is raised in issues 1-4 of the Star wars: Empire comics when a squad of clones is reprogramed to make an attempt on the Emperors life.