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Imperial Records

Imperial Records has been the name of at least three different record labels of the 20th century.

The earliest Imperial Records was a short-lived United States based company of the first decade of the 1900s, producing single-sided lateral cut disc records. Issues included ragtime banjo music, operatic solos, and Hebrew songs.

The second Imperial Records was a United Kingdom based label which went into business in 1920. Imperial was owned by the Crystalate Gramophone Record Manufacturing Company LTD of Tonbridge, Kent, England. The company's main recording studio was in London. Most Imperial issues were recorded by the company, but some issues from masters leased from other companies in Continental Europe and from the USA's Banner Records also appeared on Imperial. Most Imperial recordings were of popular songs, music hall tunes, and dance music of the time. The label went out of business in February of 1934.

The third Imperial Records was a United States based label which flourished in the 1950s, famous for recordings of rhythm & blues and early rock & roll.

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