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Banner Records

Banner Records was a United States based record label of the 20th century.

Banner Records was launched in January of 1922 by the Plaza Music Company of New York City. Banner was a fairly popular label in the 1920s, concentrating on popular music of the day. The audio fidelity of the records when new was average to slightly below average for the time, but the disc records were pressed from cheap materials that did not well withstand repeated playing with the heavy phonograph reproducers of the time, so Banner Records tended to display significant surface noise and audio distortion with moderate wear. Banner's recording studio was in New York City; the recording director was Adrian Schubert, who also led the label's house band.

Early on, some Banner Records were reissues of recordings made by Emerson Records and Paramount Records using masters leased from those labels.

Banner Record Sleeve, 1920s

In 1928 Banner merged with Pathe Records and Cameo Records to form the American Record Corporation. ARC continued the Banner label through 1932.

In 1939 the Banner label was revived by CBS, which continued to issue recordings on Banner into the LP vinyl record era.

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