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Immortal Woman He

Named He Qiong (何瓊 he2 qiong2), Immortal Woman He or He Xiangu (何仙姑 in pinyin: he2 xian1 gu1) or Ho Hsien-ku in Wade-Giles, is a female deity, one of Eight Immortals. (Another possible female Immortal is Lan Caihe). She was from Yong Prefecture (永州 yong3 zhou1) (today Linglin County (零陵縣 ling2 lin2 xian4), Hunan) in Tang Dynasty, or from a wealthy and generous family in Zengcheng County (增城縣), Guangdong.

Her lotus flower improves one's health, mental and physical. She is depicted holding a lotus flower, and sometimes with a sheng (笙), or a fenghuang to accompany her.