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Hybrid Theory EP

The Hybrid Theory EP (also known simply as The EP) was the demo CD recorded by the band Linkin Park back when their name was Hybrid Theory. (See Linkin Park for details of the change) It consisted of six songs, plus an untitled secret instrumental track. Only a thousand copies were produced, and those thousand CDs are now in very great demand within the Linkin Park fanbase. In 2001, Linkin Park started a fanclub called the LP Underground, and those who joined in the first year received a reprinted copy of the EP. The reprint, while not as rare as the original run of a thousand, is still quite rare and again is in great demand.

There are some subtle differences between the original and the re-release, most notably, the original inside cover had a quote on the picture, the re-issue does not. (The quote is "After eight months, she was sure of one thing: that the baby's future would be determined by the emergence of its divided past." It is unknown as to what it means, though some have suggested that it refers to the band's divided hip hop/rock style.) As well, the original inside booklet had general credits and what appears to be an X-ray picture of the baby on the cover, while the re-release has small pictures of the band and a letter to the fans, along with credits.

Track Listing

  1. Carousel
  2. Technique (short)
  3. Step Up
  4. And One
  5. High Voltage
  6. Part of Me
  7. (Untitled)