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Hurricane Camille

Hurricane Camille is a Category 5 hurricane that struck the Mississippi Gulf Coast region on the 17th and 18th of August 1969.

Camille is considered the first or second worst storm ever to hit the mainland United States. Camille had winds in excess of 210 mph and a storm surge of over 24 feet.

Camille killed 143 people along in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The storm moved inland and turned eastward. As it reached southern Virginia it unleashed torrential rains of up to 31 inches in some areas which killed 113 additional persons due to flash floods and landslides. 8,931 people were injured, 5,662 homes were destroyed, 13,915 homes experienced major damage. The area of total destruction in Harrison County, Mississippi alone was 68 square miles. Total estimated cost of damage was 1.42 billion dollars (US).