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Hago(py) or 滑国; is the name of a country mentioned in the Liang chih-kung-t'u (梁职贡图) from Henan or Shanxi province which was destroyed by the Chin Emperor.

The Chinese character 滑 (pinyin: hua) has a few meanings (e.g. slippery/cunning/confusing), but it is apparently used this time with no meaning simply as another transliteration of the native name of the tribe which may well mean 'Freemen' if they were Turanians. According to Liu Qiyu this would have been pronounced as Huer/Hwer in Yangtze delta dialects and this is supported by the more archaic Korean pronunciation of the character as 'Huar'().

After their country was destroyed the Huer are supposed to have become a nomadic nation aunder the yoke of the Xiong (see Huns). After the Nu tribes threw off the Xiong they, like their other ex-Nu counterparts, started to extend their own influence. According to the Liang chih-kung-t'u they later re-emmerged under the leadership of the Hephthal (see Hephthalites) (which some sources indicate were originally one of the 5 Yuezhi or 月氏 families from Kushan) who called themselves Hua and are described as the same in origin.

It seems that they also have been refered to as Uar and were one element of the Mongolian Bar-guni

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