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Hopewell Holdings Ltd

Hopewell Holdings limited (合和實業有限公司), established on 17th October, 1972, is a Hong Kong-listed infrastructure and property firm headed by Sir Gordon Wu.

It was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 1972.

The principal activity of Hopewell Holding is investment holding and its subsidiaries are active in the field of investment in infrastructure projects, property letting, property agency and management, hotel operations and management, restaurant operation and food catering, construction and project management.

It's primary businesses are in Guangdong province of People's Republic of China and Hong Kong. It is one of the first foreign companies to invest in infrastructure projects in the China and a pioneer of infrastructure developments across Asia, including the failed Bangkok Elevated Road and Train System (BERTS) project in Bangkok.

It holds 75 percent of Hopewell Highway Infrastructure Ltd, which is spun off by Hopewell Holdings and listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in early August, 2003. As one of the founders of Hopewell Holdings, Wu has been the managing director since 1972. He retired as the managing director of Hopewell Holdings but remains as the chairman of the board in January 2002.

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Hopewell's businesses


Hopewell is participating in the investment of five toll road projects with a total length of 360km, all of which are located in the
Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong Province in mainland China. Four toll road projects are in operation while construction of the 15km Phase I of the Guangzhou-Zhuhai West Superhighway (Guangzhou to Shunde section) commenced in December 2001. All of the projects are in the form of co-operative joint ventures between Hopewell and China partners.


Hopewell's property portfolio is mainly composed of commercial and residential premises in Hong Kong. These consist of more than 3.14 million square feet of gross area.


Hopewell owns hotels in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

Principal Subsidiaries

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