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Honolulu Marathon

The Honolulu Marathon is a sporting event that takes place annually in Honolulu, Hawaii on the second Sunday in December.

On average, about 25,000 runners finish the Honolulu Marathon each year. In recent years it has consistently placed among the world's ten largest marathons in terms of total finishers, due largely to the popularity of the race among runners from Japan.

Entry to the Honolulu Marathon is open to anyone who can pay the entry fee. There are no qualifying standards to meet, no limits on the number of runners, and no time limit to finish the course.

Starting across from Ala Moana Beach Park, the course progresses west along the waterfront toward downtown Honolulu, then turns east through Waikiki, around Diamond Head, and out toward the eastern suburbs of Honolulu before turning back toward the finish line at Waikiki's Kapiolani Park. Marathoners consider the course moderately difficult because of the tropical weather conditions and relatively hilly course compared with other marathons.

Many winners of the Honolulu Marathon have gone on to win prestigious marathons such as the Boston Marathon, and some have won medals in the Olympic marathon after winning in Honolulu.

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