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Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣 in pinyin: tong2 luo2 wan1; in Jyutping: tung4 lo4 waan1, literal meaning: "Copper Gong Bay") is a densily built area of Hong Kong, located on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island, in the district of Wan Chai.

Causeway Bay is one of Hong Kong's major shopping district and includes the 13-storey Japanese department store Sogo (open 10:00 to 22:00 every day) and Time Square, a shopping complex. (Sogo has been sold to local businessmen.)

Many shops are open until well after midnight.

Causeway Bay is named after a former causeway from Hong Kong Island to Kellett Island. This former island is now part of Causeway Bay as a result of gradual land reclamation. It is the home of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, a prestigious sports club for sailing and rowing, and one of the few local institutions which kept its "Royal" name after Hong Kong's handover to the People's Republic of China in 1997.

For years, Jardine has fired a cannon shot at every noon in Causeway Bay, by Victoria Harbor, slightly eastward of the former Kellett Island. The gunshots have served as time signals for many generations of old Hong Kongers. This tradition still continues today.

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