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Homebrew computer club

The first meeting of the legendary Homebrew Computer Club was held in Silicon Valley. Its first meeting in March 1975 was held in one of its members' garage in Menlo Park in Santa Clara County. The Homebrew members were hobbyists, but most of them had an electronic engineering or programming background. They came to the meetings to talk about the Altair and other technical topics, and to exchange schematics and programming tips. From its ranks came the founders of many microcomputer companies—for example Bob Marsh, Adam Osborne, and Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak—the famous Apple founders.

Soon after this first homebrew computer club, other hobby compluter clubs emerged located all over the world.

In the Netherlands a homebrew computer club emerged with members meeting near the town of Utrecht. The HCC (Hobby Computer Club) as it is called still exists, has tens of thousands of members and publishes a magazine.

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