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Herford (district)

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State:North Rhine-Westphalia
Adm. Region:Detmold
Area:449.95 km²
Inhabitants:255,393 (2001)
pop. density:568 inh./km²
Car identification:HF

Herford is a Kreis (district) in the northeastern part of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Neighboring districts are Minden-Lübbecke, Lippe, the district-free city Bielefeld, and the districts Gütersloh and Osnabrück.

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1 History
2 Geography
3 Coat of arms
4 Towns and municipalities
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The region is also known as Widukind's land, because here the last fights of the Saxon tribes under their leader Widukind against Charlemagne took place. He is believed to be buried in the town of Enger.

When the area became part of the prussian province Westphalia the first district Herford was created in 1816. In 1832 it was merged with the district Bünde. 1911 the city Herford left the district, however losing it's status as district-free city in 1969. The district got its current size in 1973 when the municipality Uffeln which was formerly in the district Minden was merged into the city Vlotho.


The district is located between the two mountain chains of the Wiehengebirge in the north and the Teutoburg Forest in the south. To the northeast it is bounded by the Weser river.

Coat of arms

The black horse of Widukind is depicted in the coat of arms of the district. After Widukind was baptized Charlemagne gave him a white horse as present, which is now in the coat of arms of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Towns and municipalities

  1. Bünde
  2. Enger
  3. Herford
  4. Löhne
  5. Spenge
  6. Vlotho
  1. Hiddenhausen
  2. Kirchlengern
  3. Rödinghausen

External links

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