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Hercegovinian rebellion

The Herzegovinian Rebellion is a name used for the most infamous rebellions in Herzegovina that took place in 1875. This particular even was precipitated by the harsh treatment of the Serb serfs under the Slavic Muslim begs and agas of this former province of the Ottoman Empire. This particular uprising later flared up the Krajina, Bulgaria and most of what was then called Turkey in Europe. Thus ensued a major Christian war against the Turks in 1876-1878 which alternatively involved, Montenegro, Serbia, Russia and Bulgaria waged wars against the Sick Man of Europe. A peace was struck at the Congress of Berlin.

The 1875 rebellion began around Nevesinje and is thus called the Nevesinje gun (Невесињска пушка). Other rebellions took place in Herzegovina in 1858-1862, 1878-1882 and 1887 but did not gather as much momentum.