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Hee Bee Gee Bees

Hee Bee Gee Bees were a pop group formed initially to parody the Bee Gees towards the close of their sequence of high-pitched, somewhat repetitive disco-style hits. Performers included Richard Curtis, Angus Deayton and Philip Pope. Their big hit "Meaningless Songs" was released by Original Records in 1980 and is regarded as one of the best produced and keenly observed musical parodies.

They did not confine themselves to Bee Gees parodies, however. They subsequently released two albums, now quite hard to find, which include parodies of Supertramp ("Scatological Song"), Michael Jackson ("Up the Wall"), Status Quo ("Boring Song"), The Police ("Too Depressed to Commit Suicide") and others.

They also made regular "guest" appearances on Radio Active, since most of them were already cast members. The name is based on a popular doll.

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