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In Greek mythology, Hecate (Roman equivalent: Trivia "of the three ways") was the goddess of witchcraft and sorcery, as well as crossroads. She still pops up in the rituals of Wicca and other magic-practising groups.

She was usually portrayed as having three heads: one dog, one snake and one horse. She also had two ghostly dogs as servants by her side.

Hecate haunted three-way crossroads, where each of her heads faced different directions. She appeared when the "ebony moon" (new moon) shined.

In some versions of the myth, Hecate rescued Persephone from the underworld. Indeed, in the earliest records of her, Hecate bears little resemblance to the night-walking crone.

Medea was said to be a priestess, or avatar, of Hecate.

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