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A crossroads (the word hardly appears in singular) is another word for road junction, where two or more roads meet (there are three or more arms).

The word is more often used as an abstraction of places or occasions where people meet. The Latin word trivia (literally "three roads") is a place where three roads meet, and has given name to the kind of trivial smalltalk that always occurs at such places.

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Crossroads is also a British television soap opera set in a motel near Birmingham. It was first broadcast on ITV between 1964 and 1988. The programme was made by ATV until the company lost its broadcast franchise at the end of 1981, and thereafter by ATV's successor Central. Very few archive recordings exist because ATV wiped and re-used most of the videotapes. It was subsequently revived as a Carlton Television production (Carlton having bought Central and acquired the rights to all ATV programmes) in 2001. The relaunched series was broadcast at 5PM on weekdays on ITV1, but did not receive the expected ratings and was finally cancelled in May 2003.
In addition, Crossroads is also the name of a 2002 Hollywood movie featuring Britney Spears and her younger sister Jamie Spears. They both play Lucy in it.

Crossroads is also the name of a 1986 cult film featuring a cameo performance from guitarist Steve Vai as the devil's guitar player, Jack Butler.