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Harry Potter in translation

The Harry Potter series of fantasy novels by J. K. Rowling have been widely translated, and in the process some names and terms have been changed or adapted.

This list is quite biased towards European languages, particularly French; please add more translations if you have them.

Note: In Portuguese (Portugal), Proper Names are not translated unless they do mean something (therefore, Nearly Headless Nick is translated, while Ron Weasley is not, for instance).

Warning: Spoilers follow

Table of contents
1 Characters
2 Pets/Individual Animals
3 Magical creature species
4 Places
5 Magical objects
6 Tests
7 Foods
8 Classes of people
9 Quidditch terms
10 Currrency
11 Real Books
12 Books within Harry Potter
13 Languages into which Harry Potter has not been translated
14 External link


Pets/Individual Animals

Magical creature species


Magical objects



Classes of people

Quidditch terms

(In French, the positions of the players are not capitalized.)


Real Books

Books within Harry Potter

Languages into which Harry Potter has not been translated

External link