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Something is invisible if it can not be seen. Possible causes are: Radiation is invisible outside some wavelength range.

Visibility also depends on the eyes of the observer and/or the instruments used. Thus one can say "invisible to" and then a person, animal, instrument, etc.

Less exotically, invisibility can be achieved, or at least approximated, by camouflage.

Making use of real-time image displayed on a wearable display, scientists are able to create a see-through effect, if not invisibility.

Invisibility (lower visibility) for radar is called stealth technology.

Rings, cloaks, other devices and potions that render the wearer invisible have long featured in myths, fairy tales and role playing games. The concept of invisibility has also been explored in several movies, many of them comedies.

Some mystical creatures can make themselves invisible at will, such as Chinese dragons in some tales, which can shrink so small that humans cannot see.

According to physics a truly invisible man would be blind. The eye works by absorbing photons, however transparency would dictate that no photon would be absorbed.

Examples of invisibility devices in fiction:

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