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Harold Harefoot

Harold I Harefoot
Rank: 19th
Ruled: November 12, 1035-March 17, 1040
Predecessor: Canute
Date of Birth: 1016
Place of Birth: Denmark
Wife: Never married
Buried: Saint Clement Dane's Church
Date of Death: March 17, 1040
Parents: Canute and Ælgifu

Harold I, Harefoot (c. 1016-1040) was the son of King Canute of Denmark and England and Ælgifu of Northampton

As the son of Canute and his queen Emma of Normandy, Harold's younger half-brother Harthacanute was legitimate heir to the thrones of both Denmark and England at Canute's death (1035), but Harold took effective power in England and secured recognition by Harthacanute (1036) as regent during the latter's absence in Denmark.

Harold proclaimed himself King of England the following year, but died as Harthacanute was preparing an invasion. His period of rule is associated with the blinding and death of Alfred, Emma's son by Ethelred, following Alfred's return to the kingdom (possibly in an attempt to take the throne) with his brother Edward. He never married but had an illegitimate son, Elfwine, who became a monk in the continent.

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