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For other meanings of "Harbin", see Harbin.

Harbin (Simplified: 哈尔滨, Traditional: 哈爾濱, pinyin: hā'ĕrbīn) is a sub-provincial city in north-east China and the capital of the Heilongjiang Province. It is located on the southern bank of Songhua River.

It is nicknamed "The Pearl on the swan's neck" because the shape of Heilongjiang resembles a swan.

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7 districts: 4 county-level cities: 8 counties:


Harbin was settled in 2200 BC (late
Stone Age). It is formerly Pinkiang. Japanese troops occupied Harbin during World War II starting on February 4, 1932.

The eight 8 Harbin counties were originally in Songhuajiang Prefecture (松花江地区), and were incorporated into Harbin on August 11, 1999, making Harbin a prefecture-level city.

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