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Hanover, New Hampshire

Located on the Connecticut River in the state of New Hampshire, United States, Hanover has a population of 10,850. It best known as the home of Dartmouth College. Hanover borders the towns of Lyme, Lebanon, West Lebanon, Etna, and Norwich, Vermont. Norwich and Hanover share one of the only inter-state school districts in the nation. For demographic information on Hanover see this article.

Norwich and Hanover are two of the small number of towns that travellers must pass through while hiking the Appalachian trail. Hanover is also the home of the US Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL).

Prior to its incarnation as Hanover, the town was known as Dresden. In the late 18th century, Dresden was one of a group of neighboring New Hampshire towns that briefly defected to Vermont, when the Republic of Vermont was an independent nation. This status was short-lived, however, as New Hampshire threatened the Republic of Vermont with war, with the aid of the other 12 states, if the towns were not returned. As a result, Vermont rejected the towns' defections, and they were returned to New Hampshire in the US.