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Hannah Storm

Hannah Storm (born June 13, 1962) is a native of Oak Park, Illinois, who is a successful sports reporter. Storm graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983, with degrees in political sciences and communications. She is married to NBC sports anchor Dan Hicks.

In 1988, she was hired by WPQC in Charlotte, as sports anchor and reporter. She also worked for three different stations in Texas. Her first job was for WNDU-TV in South Bend, Indiana, between 1982 and 1983.

In 1992, Storm was hired by NBC. She has worked four Olympic Games, as well as NBA and WNBA basketball, NFL football, figure skating, and MLB baseball. Hannah Storm became the first woman in American television history to host a major network's sports package when NBC had her host baseball games from 1995 to 1999, and then the NBA games from 1997 to 2002. She has introduced Robert Schnakenberg's series of books primarly based on the stories of WNBA players, these books are named Women Who Win. She also wrote a book named Go Girl: Raising Healthy, Successful Girls Through Sports.

In October of 2002, she was signed to host NBC's The Early Show.

Hannah Storm has also covered NBA games on cable tv for the TNT Network.