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Hal Lindsey

Hal Lindsey, born in 1929, is an evangelist and author of Christian books.

He is a dispensationalist, and in his popularisation of the teachings of that school of theology, he became the Erich von Däniken of end times prophecy. His first book was The Late Great Planet Earth, published in 1970, which became one of the best selling works of non-fiction in that decade. Most of his other writings are in some sense sequels or revisions of this book. The tenor of his teachings can be deduced from the titles of his many books, which include:


Recently, as I was studying about nuclear weapons, I discovered that science has perfected a cobalt bomb --- one of the most lethal weapons known to man. A cobalt bomb is made by placing a shield of cobalt 59 metal around a hydrogen bomb. By this comparatively simple operation the destructive capacity of the hydrogen bomb is doubled. More significantly, however, the radioactive contamination is tremendous. Scientists have dubbed it the "dirty bomb" because of its fallout. This is what I believe may be pictured in Revelation 6:12.
There's a New World Coming (Vision House, 1973 ed.), p. 110

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