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Guillermo Davila

Guillermo Davila is a Venezuelan actor and singer who has participated in many telenovelas.

Davila became famous internationally in 1983, when he starred in a telenovela named Nacho on Venevision. He played the main character, named like the show's title. Next, he went to Puerto Rico, where he starred alongside Ivonne Goderich in the soap named Diana Carolina, for WAPA-TV. The opera's main song, Toda La Luz Que Brilla, became a number one hit for Davila. After that soap opera, Davila's international star somewhat faded, but he remained busy at home with numerous soap operas, variety television shows and album releases, until in 1992, he made a comeback on the international field with another soap opera, Cara Sucia.

Davila remains a popular star at home.