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Günter brothers

Siegfried and Walter Günter were twin brothers and aircraft designers. Their talents were first recognised by Paul Bäumer who was impressed by the performance of a sailplane they had built with their friends Walter Mertens and Werner Meyer-Cassel and were flying at Wasserkuppe. Bäumer offered all four men a job with his company Bäumer Aero in Berlin. There they began designing motor gliders and then increasingly fast sports planes, including one in which Bäumer himself was killed in a creash in 1928.

In 1931, Ernst Heinkel recruited the Günters to work for his Heinkel company in Rostock. There they were to design some of the most important and famous designs associated with the company, including the Heinkel He 51, He 70 and the He 111.

Siegfried died on June 19 1969.