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Heinkel He 70

The Heinkel He 70 was an aircraft designed as a fast mailplane, inspired by the Lockheed Orion. Its streamlining inspired many other designs. Although useful, it had a relatively brief commercial career, before it was replaced by types which could carry more passengers. As a combat aircraft it was a not a great success, because it rapidly became outdated.

Type: He 70F-1
Function: reconnaissance
Year: 1932
Crew: 3
Engines: 1 * 550kW BMW 7.3z
Wing Span: 14.80m
Length: 11.70m
Height: 3.10m
Max.Weight: 3420kg
Speed: 355km/h
Ceiling: 6000m
Range: 800km
Armament: 1*mg7.92mm 300kg