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Great Grey Owl

Great Grey Owl
Scientific Classification
Order: Strigiformes
Binomial name
Strix nebulosa

The Great Grey Owl, Strix nebulosa, is a very large owl.

Adults have a round head with a grey face and yellow eyes with darker circles around them. The underparts are light with dark streaks; the upper parts are grey with pale bars. This owl does not have ear tufts.

Their breeding habitat is dense coniferous forest near open areas or bogs They usually take over an old nest previously used by another large bird, such as a raptor. Four eggs is the usual clutch.

They breed in North America from Lake Superior to the Pacific coast and Alaska, and from Scandinavia across northern Asia. They are permanent residents, but may move south and southeast when food is scarce.

These birds wait, listen and watch for prey, then swoop down; they also may fly low through open areas in search of prey. They mainly eat small mammals, sometimes small birds. On the nesting grounds, they mainly hunt at night and near dawn and dusk; at other times, they may be active day or night. They have excellent hearing and may capture prey moving beneath the snow.

The call is a series of deep whoos.