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Gosalyn Mallard

Gosalyn Mallard is a fictional character created by the Walt Disney Company as the adopted daughter of Darkwing Duck. She first appeared in the Pilot Episode of Darkwing Duck. She was an orphan who lost of all of her biological relatives after her grandfather died. She met Darkwing after Taurus Bulba almost kidnapped. During their time together Darkwing and Gosalyn got to know each other. After Darkwing defeated Taurus Gosalyn was eventually adopted by Darkwing's normal alter ego Drake Mallard and the two of them along with Launchpad McQuack moved in together. Gosalyn is best friends with Honker Muddlefoot the boy next door. Knowing her adopted father's secret identity She too has occaisionally donned a crime fighting alter ego known as Quiverwing Quack. Gosalyn sometimes gets on her dad's nerves but he loves her anyway like any father loves his daughter.